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This ultimate essentials collection is a perfect every day range that goes with pretty much anything. Whether you are an ambitious home cooks or newbie, these spices, herbs and blends will definitely spice up your dishes!


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West African pepper mix seasoning

A subtle and peppery blend of sweet West African peppers, perfect to spice up your meat, chicken, fish and vegetable dishes. Great as a rub for grilled dishes too!



Arabian coriander

A flavourful herb with floral and citrusy notes specially selected from Sudan, perfect to spice up your curries, soups, vegetable and meat dishes

Cyprian parsley

A deliciously light and aromatic herb specially selected from Cyprus with a tangy citrusy note, perfect to spice up your fish and vegetable dishes



Jamaican all purpose seasoning powder

A full flavoured and well rounded blend of Jamaican herbs and spices with spiced fruit flavours to tropicalise and spice up any meat, chicken, fish or vegetable dishes

Spanish smoked paprika powder

A sweet and smoky spice with earthy and pleasant tart flavours specially selected from Spain, ideal to spice up your meat, chicken, fish and vegetable dishes

Mexican chilli powder

A tangy spice specially selected from Mexico and wonderfully blended to create a fiery flavour profile. Perfect to spice up your meat, chicken, fish and vegetable dishes

Paula's Everyday Essentials Collection

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