These 13 reasons will convince you to support Fairtrade products!

Updated: Jun 16, 2020

Fairtrade is all about improving lives in a non-charitable way. In the Fairtrade world, fair and transparent trade is at the core, not aids and hand outs. Here are more reasons why we should all be supporting Fairtrade.

Why should we all support Fairtrade?

Overcoming poverty is not just a gesture of charity, it is an act of justice!" - Nelson Mndela

1. Fairtrade equals fair pay and better working conditions for producers in the developing world.

2. Fairtrade products are produced in safe and healthy working conditions which discourages forced labour and exploitive child labour.

3. Fairtrade ensures equitable trade practices at every level of the supply chain. This entails a high level of transparency and traceability in global supply chains.

4. Fairtrade supports sustainable practices that minimise the environmental footprint therefore is better for the environment.

5. Fairtrade provides support to small producers and involves producers in the entire production process of products.

6. Fairtrade actively promotes soil fertility which preserves valuable ecosystem and limits the use of harmful agro-chemicals.

7. Fairtrade products are free of genetically engineered ingredients, and involves production regulated by the proper management of waste, water and energy.

8. Fairtrade supports communities allowing small farmers to invest Fairtrade earnings in their communities. This helps to improve housing, healthcare, and access to schools for children. In poverty stricken villages, this is the most observable and important benefit.

9. Fairtrade provides trade that producers can count on and is a powerful and practical tool to help build a more just economic system.

10. Fairtrade promotes business development because it works on Trade, NOT aid principles. This means that products are bought for a fair price instead of farmers receiving generic foreign aid . It represents a more sustainable and less dependent form of business development.

11. Fairtrade connects customers with other cultures. This is because the products are unique to the places they come from and reflect the distinctiveness of individual cultures, communities, and people.

12. Fairtrade promotes the sustainable growth of local economies. This is because it gives producers greater control over their future by supporting them to build their own businesses rather than working for a middleman.

13. Finally, Fairtrade means that what you buy matters. You are helping to alleviate global poverty, support farmers/producers, and promote sustainable farming at the same time!

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