Looking to SPICE UP your meals?
Ditch those bland tasting seasonings for our handmade, ethical & MAXIMUM flavour seasonings 

Fairtrade Ingredients

Our trade with producers in developing countries is fair, respectful & transparent

Organic Ingredients

Our products are grown without the use of pesticides, fertilisers & colouring

Single-origin Ingredients

Each product comes from a single place, whether it be a single farm or country

Eco-friendly Packaging

Our packaging supports the one tree planted and reforestation programmes

our seasonings...
are handmade for MAXIMUM flavour
our seasonings are handmade for refined and robust flavour, unlike lackluster supermarket brands
encapsulates flavours from around the world
our selection of herbs, spices and blends are specially selected from the finest sources around the world
come in unique & freshness-retaining tins
this is proven to retain freshness, flavour and aroma ensuring superb results each time you use them
care for the environment & producers
our producers in developing countries are paid fairly & our packaging supports reforestation around the world
give back to local & international organisations
every month we choose a #charityofthemonth that we donate a certain % of our proceedings for public benefit, relief or to provide assistance 
as seen in
popular products
recipes to inspire you

Dreamy Sri Lankan fish & lemongrass coconut curry

African fried kidney & rice

Blistered mini peppers in soy sauce

Baked Nando's style chicken wings

Prawn, pumpkin, aubergine & mushroom curry

Peppered steak salad with coriander & lime dressing

Traditional Spanish omelette

Aubergine, ricotta & sun-dried tomato rigatoni


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"I used your West African Pepper mix seasoning to Spice Up some steak and I can’t stop using it . Every dish I now make with it turns into a masterpiece "


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