Our story

“demand quality not just in the product you buy but in the life of the person who produced it”

Spice Up was created by Paula, a registered Clinical & Public Health Nutritionist (AfN). From her 1st nutrition degree, she realised that global food security, international development and trade rules were things that were important to her. During her master’s degree, she enhanced her nutritional expertise which when paired with her travel and recipe development experiences as well as her passion for seasonings and cooking, she was able to create Spice Up, a brand with ethicality, flavour, and health at the core.

With each purchase you make, you support producers in developing countries, reforestation programs and you invite us into your kitchen to Spice Up your dishes to that next level. You also support the growth of the brand and its values, and we truly appreciate it. Welcome to our table, I hope you enjoy your seasonings, Paula.

Worldwide seasoning

Spice Up offers a broad and tasty collection of herbs, spices and blends, specially selected from the finest sources & hand ground, enabling you to reproduce the authentic flavour of world cookery in your kitchen. 


Herbs & spices

At Spice Up, the legitimacy and reliability of all our seasoning is important to us. Therefore, we have obtained exceptional ingredients of authentic origin from top quality suppliers. All our products are single origin meaning that unlike lacklustre & bland-tasting supermarket brands, have robust, refined flavour. 

Authentic seasoning blends

Our seasoning blends are handmade for extreme flavour & have been tried & tested to ensure that they encapsulate the uniqueness of food from around the world. Each spice blend is made by us using specially selected herbs & spices and in small batches to ensure exceptional quality each time.

Distinctive collections

Our collections include an assortment of product bundles belonging to a common theme. Currently, we have three preparing for launch at the end of June. Each collection contains an exclusive product and each packaging uniquely designed by an artist and graphic designer.  All our collections are perfect for all cooks from the recreational to the experienced so anyone wanting to buy herbs, spices or blends will find a distinctive selection in our online shop.

Unique packaging

Seasonings are photosensitive, meaning that they break down and dry out when exposed to direct light. Herbs & spices from supermarket shelves often lack flavour because of the detrimental UV light. All of our seasonings are packaged in tins, helping keep the inside dark and unexposed to light. This is proven to retain freshness, flavour and aroma ensuring superb results each time you use them. They can then be reused when you purchase our refillable spice pouches.

You can make a difference with one purchase

Fairtrade evokes relationships between businesses & producers based on openness, conversation and respect. All our products use fairtrade ingredients meaning that our producers in developing countries are paid fairly for their work, helping producers to achieve fair trading and ensuring provision of a stable income to help improve lives.


Our tin supplier is part of the one tree planted and reforestation programme, so with each purchase you make, reforestation is supported around the world, helping to offset carbon emissions whilst supporting communities, providing jobs and helping with climate regulation.

Recipe inspirations

For inspiration, check out our recipes to see how we like use our seasonings. New recipes are posted twice a week!